What’s driving your success?

Real estate agents put in a lot of miles on the road, and to them the automobile is much more than just a way to get around town.  Picture this: A young handsome agent emerges from a freshly detailed Mercedes C Class Sedan to shake hands with new prospects he is meeting for the first time.  This agent is very familiar with the concept of “curb appeal.”

“Curb Appeal” is a concept agents try to drill into their clients’ heads every time they take a listing. First impressions are vital, whether it’s a house about to hit the market or a real estate agent about to hit a house. You only have a fraction of a second to make a lasting impression.

There is a fine line, however, between projecting a professional image and intimidating a client. How you tip toe that line depends on the region, the customs and practices within that region, your niche clientele, and yep, good old common sense!

There seem to be two schools of thought among those in the industry when it comes to which car you choose to pull uo in:

  • My car gives potential clients the impression that I am successful.
  • All that matters is that whatever I drive is clean and reliable.

Let’s look more closely at these conventions of thought.  The first way of thinking assumes that real estate clients only want to work with mega-reality tv type agents– the über successful in the market. The second assumes that what we drive doesn’t offer a first impression. Who is correct?

If what we drive is a measurement of our success, and thus a reflection of our skills, why do many physicians in the U.S. drive Toyotas or Hondas rather than luxury cars?

Why does Mark Zuckerberg drive an Acura, and fellow billionaire and co-founder of Facebook, Dustin Moskovits, drive a Volkswagon hatchback?

The truth is, the best car for you, as a real estate agent, is one that matches your community and also targets your niche market.

It seems as if “appropriate” is the word when it comes to choosing a car. Agents in Michigan wouldn’t be caught dead driving an import, while those in Miami, Beverly Hills and Midtown Manhattan, who deal with international clients, should probably be driving something similar in comfort and style to what their Dubai clients drive at home.

Here are some common “musts” for real estate agent’s cars:

  • It must be late model and dent-free with shiny paint.

  • It must be clean, inside and out.

  • It must seat at least two other adults.

  • It must be reliable, safe and insured.

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