Tired of Getting the Cold Shoulder? Try “Hot-Knocking”

In an age of high-tech marketing, real estate agents increasingly perceive door-knocking as something out-dated and archaic.  In fact, some real estate agents that I’ve met are down right afraid to go door to door, common objections include:

  • I don’t want to do something that I don’t want done to me.
  • My discomfort comes across and people are put off by that.
  • Works for attractive female agents but not for me.
  • I frequently come across homeowners who just purchased or not in a position to buy/sell a home.

“Cold-Knocking,” showing up at one’s door without any prior knowledge about the occupants living there and the purchase history of the home, can be intimidating at times.  But Door-Knocking need not be synonymous with solicitation and salesmanship. Equipping oneself with a little information about the home, homeowner, and neighborhood before knocking on the door can prove to be invaluable strategy in your real estate business and will increase the chance of you securing the listing multiple times over.

So go out and start “Hot-Knocking!”

Why Should I Hot-Knock?

It’s all about turnover rate.  On average, 1% of all homes in a given neighborhood are currently for sale, with 10% of all homes coming up for sale sometime in the next 12-months.

A hot knock is one that is welcomed by most home owners/occupants. You’re seen not as an outsider, but as one of them, a community member, a fellow neighbor. Used this way, hot knocking can help you “own” a neighborhood very quickly indeed.

Never knock randomly, always knock around an existing listing, and/or have a specific reason for dropping by.  Give an interesting reason for dropping by that makes sense, invokes curiosity, and creates rapport (eg; “The reason I’ve dropped by is because your neighbor “_______” just sold their home and this definitely affects the value of your home.  Would you like to hear how?).

Of course you can refine this in many more ways to get even more leverage from it, like tweaking the language you use to engage with people.

Resolving Hot-Knocking Problems

Companies like My Listings Agent are making it easier for real estate professionals to equip themselves with necessary homeowner data and neighborhood information before going out and door-knocking.  For a monthly subscription, My Listings Agent allows users to map rank homes in a neighborhood based on which of the homeowners are most likely to sell.  After adding homes to your farm/door-knocking list, you’ll be able to download a variety information about the home, owner, and neighborhood, to prepare yourself for the “Hot-Knock!”

So don’t get left out in the cold and start “Hot-Knocking” today!

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